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BBQ Pits by Klose has been maintaining the integrity of the
Old Western trail drive style of cooking since 1986. BBQ Pits by Klose is the creator of Smoking Sensations that include Custom BBQ Grills, Smokers, Cook-off and Catering Rigs.

The sizes range anywhere between a small backyard grill to a $100,000.00 Catering Rig.

All BBQ Pits are made by hand in the spirit of the old style iron foundries. One welder to one pit
from the beginning to the finished product with no machinery involved in the manufacturing process
except a welding machine.  Handmade all the way.

There are hundreds of sizes and styles, including Wood, Charcoal, Gas-fired Grills, Smokers, Cook-off & Catering Wagons, & Concession Trailers. Custom Cookers include Chuck-Wagons, Beer-Bottle & Pistol Smokers, Trains, & Pits made out of Automobiles, Etc.. 

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Located in Houston TX

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BBQ Pits by Klose is dedicated to making the highest quality bbq smokers, grills and mobile bbq trailers on the market.

We also offer an easy lay-away plan and financing options. Whether your looking for a special backyard bbq pit or a

tailgate grill  we can custom build to meet your needs.

BBQ Pits by Klose also performs pit restorations. If your charcoal bbq smoker or grill needs a complete overhaul or

 just replacement racks or ash pan give us a call or stop by.  Conveniently located in Houston just North of loop 610 west.


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